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Because your special occasion has to be unforgettable

Our balloon garlands will make it happen. Each balloon garland is different from the previous one, it can be used with the number of balloons and the same colors, but each garland is different. You choose the colors and we make sure your garland is the way you want it.



Balloon Bouquet

The perfect gift to express your feelings

A balloon bouquet is the perfect gift to express your feelings. Every bouquet is unique and is created especially for you, you can add your own personalization such as special character, your initials or even numbers. Best of all, don’t need a structure, just place it in your favorite spot.

Stuffing Balloon

A creative way to present a gift

We can put your gift inside a balloon. Anything smaller than five inches can go inside the balloon. We offer two options.

  1. Inside a clear balloon where you can see the gift.
  2. Inside a color balloon where you have to pop the balloon to see the gift.



Box-BALloon arrangement

Filled with your favorite things

Our globollon box/basket is filled with your favorite chocolates, chips, teddy bears and/or even flowers. You tell us and we create a unique box/basket to get a personalized and lovely gift. Remember that you can add your own personalization.

Balloon Doll

Handmade customized balloon dolls

Balloon dolls are handmade customized dolls made out of balloons. The sizes vary according to your needs. Every doll is different and it will be created especially for you according to your specifications.



Balloon Mosaics

Modern way to celebrate your special day

Balloon mosaics are a modern way to celebrate your special day. A balloon mosaic can be placed and moved to different places and give that special touch to your decoration. A balloon mosaic can be numbers, letters or even shapes. Also, a balloon mosaic can be filled using latex balloons, foil balloons as well as flowers.

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